Billy teaser trailer


A short tale of how selfish attitudes can open doors to a world of hurt.

Teaser for Billy, a low-budget, horror short-film produced by Nightlite Productions.

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The Attack on Endor game for the Oculus Rift DK2 made me too queasy to play it, so this is pretty good news…

I bought a joystick specifically to play this on my 486 SX-25 back in the day.  Actually this and Day of The Tentacle (also available) were probably the reasons I bought a PC (sorry mum, I lied about the “for doing college work thing”)…

Doesn’t mean I was any good at either of them though.



Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part thirty-one


Will to Power 16

The curious thing is I was in the area and helped to take this guy down when I was level 10 but didn’t get the…  whatsname…  Feat for it then and later noticed and outstanding mission to locate and defeat him.

Didn’t get the Feat second time round at level 16 either, I assume it’s broken…

Here comes The Judge – PROG 005

Just so there’s no confusion, you shouldn’t take the fact that there’s a fortnight between updates as any indication that work has gone on with this in the meantime.  How else would I achieve a last-minute panic other than by not bothering my arse all this time?


The extraneous bits of the tree decorations are removed and two vertical slits are cut into the front of each to slide the belt through. Eight are required to fit the length of the belt.   If they’d been made from green material the belt would be complete at this stage.


Having cut a spare bit of Perspex into a zipper shape both it and the chain can be painted.  If memory serves the metallic paint for these takes longer than the normal stuff to dry and I doubt that’ll be helped by the low temperatures outside.  If only I’d start these stupid project during the summer months…


While waiting for the chain and zip to dry, I pass the time by attaching  a length of elastic webbing to the shoulder armour.  It’s not accurate to have it go under my arm and round the other side, but it’ll do to hold them in place.

The gloves are going to need a bit of modification.  For starters I halve some wooden beads to glue on a knuckles and use some spare plastic tubing to form bracing rods for each of them.  A rectangular section cut from foam camping mat adds a bit of detailing and another of the tree decorations forms a pouch near the cuff.  Given that I’m making it up as I go the first one turns out pretty good, again only the lack of a singular colour scheme prevents it being used as is.


As is always the way with these things trying to replicate it for the other glove end up with something that looks worse that the prototype!


Although I know the foam mat will take the paint without any problem having used it before, unfortunately I strongly suspect the felt of the pouches won’t be so accommodating.  At best, being red, I think they’ll end up very dark with a light coating; but I’m wary that the material will just absorb the paint without it coating the surface…