Billy teaser trailer


A short tale of how selfish attitudes can open doors to a world of hurt.

Teaser for Billy, a low-budget, horror short-film produced by Nightlite Productions.

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Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part thirty-five


Being blindsided by the WTF covers for last time has had the benefit of bumping up the Archer covers by one issue which means that there’s a particularly appropriate image when we reach Villains Month the week before Christmas…

Archer 4

Will to Power 20

“Money over everything” might be appropriate for the way the cash bags explode after interacting with them during the Greed section of the Brother Blood arc but in this case it’s actually a nod to Hannibal Buress.

Still no idea how to tackle those 3D covers by the way…

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part thirty-four


So we reach issue 19, when DC’s quickly abandoned “What The Fifty-Two Certified Month” gate-fold covers were rolled out.


(Click to view the other half of each cover)

Will to Power 19 Archer 3

Speaking of “WTF”…
WTF am I going to do when we get to Villains Month and I have to make these things 3D..?


72 Glasgow Science Centre Halloween Party – 31st October 2014 PART TWO!


Having been invited back to the GSC, to take part in their Halloween party, we discovered that the STV magazine program The Riverside Show would be broadcasting a segment live from the facility during our Troop.

Although they were only interviewing the event organiser and not ourselves we were asked to wander about in the background of the shot while it was taking place…

Obviously with it being transmitted live it wasn’t possible for those of us present to see our appearance.
Luckily however Rill and Led* have mostly been using their loyal Viper Probe Droid as a fancy Digital Video Recorder lately so they don’t miss any episodes of Coach Trip. Led being Led can’t program the Series Link so rather than see Liam and Georgy get a three-day immunity from the daily vote, he mistakenly recorded us instead…

*Yes, that is still a thing, even though it’s been nearly four years since the last episode.