7 St Patricks Church Garden Party – 15th June 2008


Saint Patrick’s Church, Dumbarton 14:00 – 16:00
Mission Report
What a great little troop, good to see Iain and Ian again, very intimate, absolutely smashing weather and none too shabby changing facilities, plus a kind supply of bottled water. Those who had come along to the same event last year reckoned it was a little quieter this time around, but from my point of view we were kept going with punters looking for a photo opportunity the whole time and we had some good craic with the ones who were up for some interacting…

Apologies to the woman who ended up dropping the bag I asked to search which contained the prize she’d just won at the bottle stall and thanks to our Princess Leia volunteer. The reactions of the kids (other than a bunch of half dozen troublemakers at the end) definitely made the event. Many were the parents who had to physically drag their sprogs in the opposite direction after twenty minutes of waving goodbye to us.
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