Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part seventy-three

You know the month after the first Mercury Flow cover I tweaked the “Mercury” bit of the logo a bit because it just didn’t look right. But every month since it still didn’t look right until we get to this month and I’m beginning to wonder to myself if I was doing something weird like changing it but forgetting to save the file at the end…

Cover 171 – Mercury Flow Issue Six

Now the “flow” part looks weird…

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part seventy-two

Archer has reached level 30 in-game which means a “final issue” cover.  Unlike the final Will to Power offering where I knew what it would be pretty much from the start, I didn’t really have any idea what to do for this until about the end of August when I recalled the promotional images for Arrow Season 2.

Somewhat fitting then that we ditch the comic livery and go back to where she started with a pastiche of the TV show as she reaches the final destination of her Dark Path…

Cover 170 – Archer Issue 30

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part seventy-one

There’s what appears to be a big-sized Professor Zoom towering over The Flash on this months cover so what are the odds that there’s a big-sized Felix Faust at the end of the mission chain reached around Level 5 for certain characters in DCUO?

Cover 169 – Mercury Flow Issue Five

Pretty high apparently…

78 Glasgow Science Centre, Halloween Party 2015 – 30th October 2015

Science Centre, Glasgow 18:00 – 21:00

Mission Report
Once again it was a pleasure to attend what’s now apparently being branded as Fright Night at the GSC for the third year in a row despite yet another reduction in the number of attendees (although this was deliberate due to ongoing renovation work limiting them to 2,500 ticket sales) and costumers again, but fortunately the Rebel Legion were able to bump that second figure up slightly or it would have been a poor turn out.

As with last year we were mostly contained at the entrance area and the top of the escalators on the first floor although our newly expanded trio of Ghostbusters managed a bit of a brief wander around the place as the evening went on.
Unlike last year however I experienced no hardware disasters having given the pack a bit of an overhaul in the twelve months since.  Well…  I say “twelve months” but most of that was not doing anything then rushing to complete it the week before as usual…

Also in attendance once again with their camera were the crew of The Riverside Show.

As one of the few open face costumers I have to admit to not being enamoured of being told that unlike last year, we weren’t to just wander in the back of shot but that they were looking for an on-air interview.  Fortunately Claire Mackie of the Rebel Legion stepped up to the challenge but at one point in the video you can see me visibly panic that having introduced the Ghostbusters the interviewer was now going to address us directly!
Having learned her lesson last year about avoiding being in the camera shot Julie made sure to stand behind it this time.  Unfortunately she failed to notice that we were all stood in front of a wall made of mirrored panels making her reflection quite visible as the camera pans and so chalks up yet another TV credit.

As is fast becoming tradition the skeleton band were playing on the big screen outside the building.  Unfortunately any opportunity to get the team of paranormal investigators over to eliminate them was scuppered by the same screen looping the latest Star Wars trailer (which at least 66% of the GBs in attendance are choosing to studiously avoid) all night.

I hope the event returns again next year with a greater turnout of costumers, indeed at some point I’d like to actually attend it as a member of the public. The only lesson to be learned I think is that we need to arrive earlier to ensure the staff haven’t eaten all the food by the time we go for dinner!

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Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part seventy

I think it’s 75 Years since the first appearance of the Joker round about now… That’s entirely coincidental though as this 21st Century “the Killing Joke” homage was because level 29 is where you get access to the Society of Supervillains’ inner sanctum for the briefing on your final mission*…

Cover 168 – Archer Issue 29

*And what a pain in the ass that was to complete. I almost gave up altogether. Stupid Joker Robot.