Star Trek Online: The Emotion Picture

Yeah, I know I’m a Star Wars fan but I only ever played the tutorial in SWG, as it never really explained the ship controls. The graphics were pretty pee poor as I recall so I didn’t go back to it. Shame they seem to be repeating the same problem with Old Republic, the gameplay is god awful and even with my GPU (which is higher specced than most people’s entire PCs) it looks like a PS2 game…

I’ve been playing the STO closed beta test since November and am still finding wicked cool stuff on a daily basis. I’m sure it’s not doing anything (like flying through planetary rings the shadow of your ship playing over the surface of the rocks and ice or the bow wave of gaseous particles that fans out as you cruise along at impulse through stellar dust clouds) that EVE or something hasn’t already done, but the use of a familiar, established IP makes all the difference.
Last night while deep inside a nebula my sensors suddenly showed 50+ enemies dead ahead just about 2km before I came into their weapons range. Some actual poo might have slipped out…

While there’s no free trial at launch Champions Online sent out trial keys to the testers to give away to folk shortly after launch, so I gave a couple of those away as well as the three codes that the Collectors Edition of the game comes with. Anyone who uses Digital Download apparently misses out on this, unless I’ve missed an e-mail somewhere. Bah.

Anyway, in an attempt to get my own back for this box version bias I feel no remorse about sharing the Wrath of Khan uniform code even though I’ve bought none of the products its included with.
Why, it’s almost piracy. That’s the internet for you. Evil.


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