Star Trek Online II: The Wrath of Can’t run the game

Some of the folks using the codes I talked about last time ran into problems.  I guess they ought to have checked their system specs before activating the code or downloading the 8Gb of game files, although System Requirements Lab says my laptop is a big fail on that score, despite me playing the game on it not an hour before…
The minimum requirements they give on the website seem a little excessive to me and certainly don’t match my laptop which does run the game even if only at minimum settings. Contrast and compare, if you will, the same screenshot. The second is larger on account of the higher resolution, and noticeable differences are the dynamic lighting (hull windows, deflector dish, torpedo bays & engines) and lower texture qualities (look at Earth in the background) but nothing that affects gameplay…

P4 550 3.4GHZ
256MB 7700 D900T ATI M28
1Gb ATI Radeon HD4670
Assuming someone’s computer is up to snuff and uses the one I sent him, that means I still have one more (I had three this morning!) 10 day trial code to give away if anyone wants it, although they’re almost GIVING them away now…

The above is a single use 5 day key for whoever wants it.
Activate the key at
The game client can be downloaded at


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