Star Trek Online III: The Search for Spacks

I’m still not sure about the apparent huge discrepancy in system requirements for this game. I understand that AMD chips are better designed than their Intel equivalent for gaming in mind, but unfortunately even comparing like for like processor speeds aren’t going to give a correct answer on this. Checking your machine at might be an idea, although again I must point out that it says my laptop fails the requirements, even though one of the screenshots in a previous post was taken on it.

I must get round to checking Julie’s PC with this tool and posting up some comparison screenshots, because the game does run on it. It’s ugly as sin, as the GPU only has 256Mb onboard, but it does run…

Story time:
Last night I was clearing down some older missions to give me a run at “City on the Edge of Never”, considered one of the two best mission arcs, or “Episodes”, in the game.
One (two actually) of those was to take part in a Fleet Battle, which are open instances where @15 players tackle a shared mission chain, in this case to halt a Klingon fleet incursion into Federation space. Normally, I’d give this sort of thing a miss on the basis that it turns into a lag fest, but y’know, want the Quantum torpedo launcher reward, have to do the mission, so I got stuck in thinking it’d be 20 minutes tops.

An hour and a half!

An hour and a half of co-operative blasty shooty. It was brilliant! I think I died three times (there’s no death penalty so it’s not a big deal other than having to fly back to the action from the spawn point) mostly my own fault for straying from the pack and becoming the mutual target for three cruisers at a time. Even outside of those occurrences there were times where my shields were gone and my hull integrity was at 13%, but I was still swerving in* to take the aggro off one of my unwitting fellow captains.
In the end I came third in the overall merit rankings, indicating that my little escort is in fact a death dealing monster, up there with the best of the light and heavy cruisers other folk were flying.

*This will come as a shock to anyone who has experienced the tutorial where the cow like turning of the first tier ships in the game means it takes approximately the orbit of a planet to come full circle. Trust me, there are better engines out there for you to get, don’t let it put you off.

Oh, yeah… Before I forget…
Utterly repugnant behaviour the people responsible should be permanently banned.

It didn’t happen to me though, so I can still find their spacktard behaviour funny…


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