Star Trek Online IV: The Voyage Ho- No, I’m drawing a blank on this movie subtitle pun…

While involved in some wholesale Klingon slaughte- that is, seeking out new lifeforms and civilisations on their ass, on a planet the other day one of the dropped a Tribble. Arguably worth nothing, except a minor health buff when you stroke it(!) I filed it away in my inventory. Last night while stuck in the office, I threw a plate of space food and a bottle of space juice in beside it in the hopes that it’ll reproduce. I’ll let you all know when I check it again.

Incidentally, although there’s no official Mac support there is an unofficial Mac supported thing which by chance I was looking at on Friday thinking that people with fancy dan white plastic laptops need not feel left out…

Someone recently commented that they’d never pay for a game they could only play online.
I pointed out that I didn’t think there are many offline MMO’s. They’d have to call them MM’s for a start and then folk would get them confused with the chocolate covered peanuts in a crisp candy shell. Damn. Now I’m hungry.
Phantasy Star on the Saturn (or Dreamcast, I forget…) is about the only one with an offline mode that I recall.
To summarise: You can’t have an MMO without the “O” and you can’t have free MMO without it being shite.

As soon as you get a free to play versus paid setup, be it an MMO or even FPS, like Battlefield Heroes, you run the danger of splitting your player base into those that can afford to buy the über stuff and the majority that don’t. It’s called “Pay to Win” and is in general considered A BAD THING. I was really put off by this in Pirates of the Caribbean Online where the boarding enemy vessels fights and larger ships were only available to paying customers.

Yeah, it’s not just superhero and space games I play.
I had a mate who moved from City of Heroes to Guildwars and thence to WOW, but the latter two have never appealed to me. I think it’s the setting to be honest. I only played Aion cause of the flying and when it became clear that this was a restricted ability I kicked it to the kerb on that same basis.


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