Star Trek Online VI: The Undiscovered Lazy Cun-

So… I’m really bad with this but the original plan was that each time my federation character was promoted in Star Trek Online (and received a new ship and some crew natch) I’d literally ‘do’ one of these fake comic covers to mark the milestone. Since I’m trying to source a STO fan comic for over at CoH Comics and trying to convince the guy behind it that we do more than just super heroes, I’ve been prompted to get these completed anyway so I thought I’d pop them up for folks to see…

There’s a definite technic progression going through them I think…
Incidentally you can’t see them at that resolution but there’s little numbers on the LCARS to mark the dates I “dinged”.

I accept I’m not racing to level cap, just meandering my way through the content, but I’m in no hurry to get to the point where there’s little left to do. I’ve never really understood that mentality of the hardcore MMO player.

Then again, I don’t think the game necessarily lends itself to that sort of traditional RPG grouping model for end game raiding some people expect. Yes, broadly you have the three of those archetypes with your cruiser/science/escort ship types, but I’ve yet to run into a scenario where grouping is required to complete a mission chain at all much less requiring you balance the membership and of course you immediately have a group comprising your bridge officers where you can select their discipline whenever you beam down to the ground.
Fleet actions (i.e. raids) both in space and on the surface are a slightly different kettle of fish in that (at least on the ground) you’re on your own and will require grouping assist if you want to make any progress but again I’ve never been in one that’s been formally organised in any way to my knowledge and they’ve still been completable with a healthy dose of fun. It’s not like there’s any death penalty other than -excuse the pun- trekking back to the action from the last spawn point anyway.

I joined the PCGamer fleet a while back in the event that co-op gameplay was required but there’s very rarely anyone else on during my own play sessions. Having said that, my Klingon isn’t in a fleet and has aways been a solo experience and I’ve had no problems levelling that alt, especially with the advent of the weekly feature episodes that came along at the end of August, which have been pretty well written (which to be fair the majority of the content exploration and sector defend missions aside is too. Folks that play by actually reading the dialogues instead of skipping through them to get to the next bit of pew-pew are missing out a whole chunk of the experience and the Breen can be really sarcastically funny while you’re fighting them) and something a bit different from the main PvE gameplay, hence the entire lack of progress leveling the Federation character for four months. With the next series due out this weekend it’ll be end of November before I’m back aboard my Galaxy class.
Engage cloak!


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