What I did during my summer holidays…

…No not really. While preusing some other forums I came across a post which only it’s timezone of origin had prevented being buried 6 pages in. The odd title, “WANTED: Renderer”, caught my eye and I had to give it a read. I’m not sure the guy was asking what he though he was asking but he was “looking for someone who is skilled in computer graphics, just to cut out my character from the below picture, and make a neat clear render of it” and being despite being at home with only my work laptop and touchpad (and not realising the attached image was a Furry) for some reason I took pity on him and masked out the background producing an image with his chosen character.
After posting it up there was quicky a response. “Thats great, no offence though but if anyone wants to do a smoother one, I’d be most appreciative”

Now straight away “the phrase “no offence” usually means something is about to say somethign offensive anf this put my back up, but far from being offensive the reply just baffled me. ‘A smoother one’? What does that mean? I’ll grant you I made a mistake on the collar, but the original is only 1024*768 so what does he expect the edge to look like? Is he after an actual CAD model with his talk of rendering?

I’m still enjoying Star Trek Online incidentally. It’s not been out a year I know but this seems somewhat unprecidented for me in an MMO. Sure it has it’s flaws, but nothing game breaking and the recent weekly feature episodes have been a highlight. Over Halloween weekend they released one with a voiceover.
Quick quiz:
I near wet myself when this voice came out of my speakers, but why? Was it because…
a) I was in the house myself
b) it was getting dark
c) the bass speaker at my feet was actually causing my trouser legs to move with a gust of air every time a jet of plasma shot out
d) all of the above
By way of tribute to this (the set of episodes, not the wee stain on my computer chair) and as a way of avoiding working on more pages of an anthology comic I agreed to contribute to, I started work on another faux comic cover. I say “started” but having entirely forgotten that in TOS the department colours were switched around inadvertantly gave my security chief something other than the correct red shirt, so I’ll need to go back and sort that. How stupid is that? I mean it’s where the phrase “red shirt” comes from!
I was going to post up the finished article but since I’ll need to put this aside to organise the next weeks COH COMICS update (which in itself is a Star Trek extravagansa…) here’s the layout and design sketch for it instead. You can play compare and contrast next week when the picture is done…


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