To mis-quote the late Roy Castle:”Prevarication…”

“…Prevarication. Prevarication’s what you need…”
All of which is designed to distract from the things I haven’t done since the last post. Having made no real progress with the proposed Star Trek Online cover I outlined, the blame for which I squarely split between Julie not spending time doing her essay as planned and me realising that in addition to my Red Shirt Mess Up I had overlooked the fact that in TOS they had rank braids on the sleeves of their shirts too.

It’s entirely possible I’ll miss the boat on this unless I can make some real progress over the weekend, which means I don’t need any more distractions.

By way of distraction then (do you see how this works now..?) quite late in life I’ve become enamoured with Lego. In fact the daily shenanigans of the twenty-odd Mini-figs who reside in our house have kept me entertained for nigh-on eight months now and as a result I’m a big fan of Design By Me which is constantly making improvements over the first version from years ago. For anyone too mature to have looked at this it’s like a CAD-lite package, where you can assemble a model in 3D, brick by brick then upload the design to the online Lego Shop who’ll assemble your brick inventory and post it out to you in a box you can customise with details of your model. Certain boring restrictions apply in terms of copyright and trademarked ideas which they’ll reject but in that event if you’ve the time and are insane enough you can then painstakingly disassemble your model again into it’s component parts and purchase what looks like a Random Pile Of Bricks (or split it into two just in case you think they might be overly suspicious that you’ve attempted to order exactly the same number of bricks two days in a row because they reject the first attempt)…

Unfortunately I’m not so big a fan of the auto-generated building guides that come with the box of parts your model contains.
Now I accept that this function is one of those “it’s in Beta for as long as we say it is” things, but dispatching a 66 page booklet showing me how to assemble my Random Pile Of Bricks into its Random Pile seems a bit of a waste of paper. Especially as the very same day they send out a the bricks from set of models with a two page booklet the contents of which can be summed up by the following extracts: “Due to technical difficulties, we are very sorry to say it was not possible to produce a printed Building Guide” … “unfortunately this time your model proved to be too challenging for our young system”.
Now to be fair they seem quite apologetic about all the lack of guide for the second (well, after all they are Dutch who are a terribly nice people. Unlike the Spanish who are genetically lazy…) although not so much about the trees who died to produce the first waste of paper. The Lego Digital Designer software has a built-in function to step through the build of your model step by step too, so as long as you have access to a computer as well as your Random Pile of Bricks you’ll be fine.
Not so much if it was intended as a gift for someone else though, unless your intent is to make them think you’re a mental because you’ve just gifted them a Random Pile Of Bricks.

Here’s my three random Piles Of Bricks. Can you guess what it is yet..?

While I was busy not working on that STO cover incidentally I did finally complete the six pages of the anthology comic submission I’ve been slogging through. They aren’t “finished” yet as they still need dialogued but it occurs to me that this is something that was started back in July. That’s pretty poor progress, I can “do” 20 finished pages per month (or 16 a week back when I had the time and energy!) but this has been a deeply irritating experience from start to finish. It’s entirely different to the story originally pitched, the sliding deadline hasn’t helped make me knuckle down to get on with it and to be honest partly through my own fault entirely it’s been a lot more work than it was supposed to be.
It should have been 23 panels, snap-snap-snap, done but as I wound my way through it there were numerous instances of framing I want happy with or differences in background, to be hones stuff that probably nobody else would have picked up on, but my apparent OCD wouldn’t let slide. Now with the self-enforced deadline for the STO cover and the update work for CoH COMICS due, it’s going to be about another week before I continue with this, but the revisions throughout the course of production might make a good blog entry in the future…


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