It’s been a busy old time round here…

After taking two weeks off to tackle all the things I had outstanding and instead painting the hallway, therefore achieving none of them, redundancy upsets and working on the January Rill and Led update there’s very little by way of anything which can be shown. Now, with having to spend a week in Aberdeen following New Years’ weekend, I’ll either have no time to devote to all this stuff or be locked in the hotel room every night and weekends with an unreliable laptop trying to make progress on any of this!

One of the few things I did do since the end of November was to play through The Devidian Weekly episodes of Star Trek Online to get the required screenshots for the cover I’d been working on.
Unfortunately, it appears I’d entirely misjudged the Federation faction version of the story. Since I originally played through the content as a Klingon character and was sent back in time in a Klingon D-7 cruiser, I had assumed the equivalent would occur for the Starfleet variation and we’d end up at the helm of a Constitution class vessel.
Incorrect, the D-7 it appears was the ship of choice regardless, which scuppers a large component of my original plan. Annoyingly similar was levelling up to the rank of Admiral Lower Half, prior to undertaking the mission chain meaning the Galaxy Class ship in the image is also now incorrect. Gah. Let’s not even mention the rank stripes, although technically I didn’t attend the promotion ceremony back on Earth Space Dock at that point so they’re correct at least…

Harking back to my mention about Lego’s Designed By Me tool and my subsequent Random Piles of Bricks though at least Julie was able to assemble her gift in 150-odd “easy” steps, thanks to having a laptop to hand.
Yes it’s still a bug-bear but to be fair as you can see, they were right with their copyright concerns!

Still at least I won’t be distracted by one other thing since DC Uni- whoops. Almost. Erm… Since no doubt there are games out there which are being released to retail in the next two weeks their Beta Test period will be ending. I’m still, or at least I would be if this wasn’t hypothetical situation, not convinced by arcade gameplay (so much so, it’s now being branded as the worlds first Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game or something) despite its appealing presentation and setting, but maybe if a Green Lantern expansion is released to coincide with the movie I’ll give it another go as I’ve been following his adventures since the same visits to the chip shop which netted me my Star Trek comics back in 1980’s…
Wait. Did I say “Green Lantern”? Damn. That IP cat is out the bag I guess!

Speaking of Beta Tests, it’s worth pointing out that you can get yourself along to and sign up as a BSG Online player. This game is browser-based so theoretically it should be hardware and OS agnostic for anyone who bought their computer from one of the Dixon family and you can play as a Colonial or Toaster. Ironically a Caprica MMORPG would have been much more fitting when you think about it…


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