Champions Online Aftershock part 2

Although I found elements of the first part of this weekly comic series set of missions tedious (in-between game client crashes whenever a missile targeted my character as he jumped around the map) I was eventually able to slog through it to completion.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid this second mission was dreadful and frustrating to solo even on normal difficulty for my character.
Having lost my VIPER companion to the fight at the top if the lift meant I couldn’t make enough headway to even scavenge for the parts to repair the generator as instructed and on the second attempt to play through after being disconnected (from the beginning? Really Devs? STO saves your progress on each ground/space map transition guys) it was only stopping to allow his pets to heal him and the fact I’d levelled to 12 during our progress which kept him on his feet until the fight outside the generator room.

After 40 minutes of enduring the tedium of the final boss “fight” where I spent 95% of the time blocking and only managed to get his health down by 1/6 I gave up on the mission and by definition (having not completed part two), this Champions Online weekly series Comic series altogether.

It’s hugely disapointing that the Cryptic Studio stablemate, Star Trek Online has these weekly series nailed, it was only the prospect of equal brilliance over here which brough me back to Champions after playing that game solely since Beta, but I guess once the pre-Season 4 hiatus is over I’ll head back to the Final Frontier full time…

I’ll head back to CO to see if there’s been an improvement by the time the second series rolls round but someone in charge at Cryptic really wants to take a look at the Star Trek Online equivalents, which are enjoyable and challenging for any player regardless of level/build or play preference.

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