Champions Online Aftershock part 3

After a full Retcon and judicious use of my Steam bonus sidekick being offered to celebrate the arrival of Free To Play Games on the service, I was able to blast through episode two just at the weekend there which I’d previously struggled badly with and it led straight onto episode three as a result. Actually, had I not read the final line of dialogue before the “to be continued…” for episode two in the forums it would only have been the unexpected disappearance of my Viper pet and the fact I was back in the bunker after exiting it to see the alien dimensional vista which would have clued me in to the fact I’d jumped onto the next part!

This third installment was a 100% improvement from the previous two, much more interesting objectives to complete and a more balanced difficulty curve.
The evac runs on the survivors in the caves were a neat change of pace although I missed the optional objective to destroy the transport before the Viper troops could use it to escape (being as I was slightly distracted by a 30 foot nightmare creature invading the fort) but had no trouble understanding the instructions for using the Osprey for one final mission and almost felt like I’d lost a friend after engaging the autopilot.

After swearing off this first Comic Series after my experience of part two, I’m back onboard and slightly disappointed that I’ll be on holiday and miss the respective debuts of the concluding parts. Gah!

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