Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day two

View from the apartment: slightly less rain.

Wandered about Interlaken.  The rivers and lakes here are an odd colour, because of the minerals which the water brings down from the mountains apparently.

Went shopping.  Typical European selection of meats, which never look quite the same as they do back home.  While I’m here I’m suppose to be making up my mind as to whether I’ll accept the new job I’ve been offered or stay and be treated like dirt where I am for another 13 years, if I’m not made redundant in six months.  Despite that statement it’s proving curiously hard to decide one way or another…

Stopped for lunch in a small cafe.  Try to get Julie’s mum to translate the menu, with the obvious drawback that she keeps describing items written in Swiss/German on the menu in Swiss/German.  Give up and ask her dad.  End up with a hot chocolate,  some rubbery ham in-between two slice of toast and a bowl of what would be chicken noodle soup anywhere else but clearly isn’t here.  I was also deeply concerned that it would arrive with a fried egg sitting floating on top thanks to Julie’s mums translation of “chicken” as “egg” and having heard they do stuff like that in this country.  I don’t see the really nice looking Strawberry Tarts until the way out.  Bah.


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