Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day three

View from the apartment: no rain.

Took a 20 minute bus trip to St. Beatus-Höhlen which is on my list of things that people have suggested are worth doing while in Switzerland.  These are a network of caves beneath Beatenberg, situated on the northern edge of Lake Thun and have a tour which takes the visitor 1km into the interior.  Legend says the that during the Middle Ages a fire-breathing dragon lived in the caves and Saint Beatus expunged it into the lake where it drowned.  Saint Beatus then built his hermitage inside the cave and lived there until he died, presumably because reality television hadn’t been invented yet and he couldn’t appear on “The Only Way Is My Big Fat Gypsy Driving A Dragon Into A Lake School Airport” for his fifteen minutes of fame.  No pictures of any of it because unless you’re German tourist to whom the rules clearly don’t apply, flash photography was forbidden inside.  Instead here is the view from outside and the Mootoo twins in front of the waterfall that exits the caves…

After the caves, we took another bus trip along into Oberhofen and fed some ducks before talking a walk round the castle and museum. Just along from here, past the gardens, is Julie’s favourite spot where she’d sit and read.  

Presumably she didn’t suspect the hell’a big fish were lurking just under the surface though.
While we were there the Blumlisalp sailed by, which we’ll pay a visit to later and on the way to the bus stop to head back Julie got a call from Maya regarding our meet up the next day.


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