Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day four

View from the farm: Oh my God.  It’s full of stars.

Having been invited by the Swiss Garrison to join them for their Sci-Fi groups barbecue/picnic meet up today we got the train from Interlaken to Bern Wankdorf where we were picked up by Alexandra and driven to Aarau.  Met the CO, XO and some of the membership and their friends.  Although the majority of those attending weren’t fluent in English we had a pleasant afternoon and evening exchanging patches and trading cards from our respective 501st units.

The CO, Maya and her partner Marcel had invited us to stay over at their farm rather than try to travel back by train although it was still a fair car drive to get there in the early hours of the morning, although being out in the country far from any ambient light there was an astonishing panoply of stars in the night sky when we arrived which deeply I regret I neglected to take a picture of due to my tired brain fuddled state.

One really curious thing, keeping in mind that our journey to the farm took place about 01:30 lin the morning local time, was the number of people out cycling around the streets.  Obviously there are a lot more cyclists in general than you get back in the UK but it struck me as an odd cultural and societal difference that people would be doing it at that time in the morning without undue concern about motorists speeding along the same roads…


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