Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day nine

View from the duplex cinema: OMFG IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN!!!!!!

Awoke this morning to see a headline photo of a serial murderer/rapist who was infamous for repeatedly escaping from custody and was once again on the loose.  Fear for my own safety more so because he looked like the administrative janitor in one of the building we used to work in who we were always suspicious got up to that sort of thing than any potential threat of being bummed to death.

Successfully made it to the Jungfrau Park this time.  The place is an amusement park, near Interlaken, designed by noted alien-botherer Erich von Däniken, and consists of several pavilions, each dedicated to the mystery of alien influences in the development of humanity.

  Von Däniken was actually appearing at the place that day, however having neglected to bring my fathers copy of Chariots of The Gods? from off of 1968 to be signed and not speaking any German we neglected to pay the extra money to see him.

The exhibits are quite entertaining though, and a visitor can easily spend the whole day in the site, although making me visit the duplex cinema (where the projection onto the screen in front of the audience is supplemented by the seating being mounted on a transparent floor with a second screen twenty or thirty feet below synchronised to the images on the first to give the impression of flying over the landscapes) twice with my chronic fear of heights was possibly a turn-off.  Still at least the twins enjoyed their visit.


2 thoughts on “Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day nine

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