Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day thirteen

Phone signal at the top of Europe: Three bars and 3G coverage…

I can’t even get coverage like that in the office, FFS.

Took a series of trains from Interlaken up the Jungfraubahn to the Jungfraujoch railway station at an altitude of 11,388 feet.  Despite the warm summer weather when we left the apartment we emerged from the tunnel system in the mountain onto the snow-covered glacier. 

The site here offers the visitor the chance to ski, snowboard and sledge as well as ride a death slide from higher up the cliff face partway across the glacier.

We paid for a day pass to use the sledge and tube run.  The tubes are, as the name suggests large rubber rings which you sit in and slide down a bumpy slalom course.

    This was literally hours of fun, interspersed with more run of the mill sledge rides, so much so that despite her warnings to put on sun-cream both Julie and I ended up sunburned on the top and, thanks to the sunlight reflecting off the snow, bottom of our faces.  It was something of a regret that we didn’t purchase the all-in-one activity ticket   which would have included access to the death slide and the snowboarding as well, the latter being an activity I’ve often thought of trying but never have, but I believe I mistakenly understood the ticket vendor as to requiring previous snowboarding experience to be allowed to try it.

Our snow based activities then continued by helping the Mootoo Twins modify a small snowman to more closely resemble themselves,   before we headed inside the mountain again to get the lift up to the observation deck.


Then we finished off our visit by going back down into the glacier to explore the ice caves before heading back to the station for the train back to Interlaken.


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