Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day fourteen

View from the rabbit trail: Erm… I think we might’ve took a wrong turn…

Relatively late in the trip we realised (by which I mean I stopped taking Julie’s word for it and checked myself) that the discount cards which had been left in the apartment for us weren’t just for a trip up the Harder Kulm but also would have got us free bus and train travel within Interlaken and discounts at many of the attractions we’d visited, but today was the day when we’d take a ride up the Harderbahn funicular itself to visit the Bergrestaurant near the summit.
Despite the copious amount of aftersun/Savlon/factor 30 required by yesterdays chronic sunburn resulting in me looking to passers-by like an escaped Flesh Ganger construct from Doctor Who  (a reference lost on the Swiss who were only getting round to the end of the third series while we were there) the resulting vantage point gives a clear view of the entirety of Interlaken. While we intended to follow the walking path around the mountain, Julie’s parents had only come along to have something to eat at the restaurant so we spent some time there first as Julie was delighted to have found the same dessert she’d enjoyed a couple of days before at the Schilthorn.  I just had a plate of chips. Afterwards we set off to follow the waypoints set out as trails.  Feeling confident at our first actual taste of the type of mountain walking I’d expected to be doing the entire trip, we set our aspirations to completing the longer 90 minute route.  The initial journey was mostly uphill but having checked my work e-mail this morning and learned first hand that they valued contractors more than their loyal staff I was buoyed up on our hike by having reversed my previous decision and decided to leave to accept the new opportunity offered to me despite the potential pitfalls it opened up.  Having informed her of all this while we walked, this was also an opportune moment to remind Julie of her previous promise to buy me an iPad if I took the job…

As time grew suspiciously close to the hour of walking mark without any turn to a reciprocal course being evident.  The number of people passing in the opposite direction had tailed off and the path was growing more treacherous underfoot.  Since it’d been a while since we saw a waypoint marker it began to dawn on us that we’d taken a wrong turn (or as it’d turn out, hadn’t taken a turn) along the way.  Perhaps the fact that we were technically now nearer Lake Brienz than Lake Thun should have been a clue..?

Luckily the Mootoo Twins had been out hiking as well and were waiting at the point where our path should have verged off to the right to point us in the correct direction to head back to Interlaken. Judging by the confusion of the couple of people we met on our journey back though we weren’t the only ones to have missed the relevant signposts though…


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