Switzerland: Two and a half weeks, day seventeen

View from the plane: Edinburgh Airport

Early this morning the taxi came to take Julie, her father and myself and our luggage to Interlaken OST for the train back to Geneva Airport.  With a heavy heart I waved goodbye to the little robot who’d stood outside our apartment and followed us wherever we went during our stay to make sure we didn’t get lost.  We’d always see him somewhere on a street as we passed on our way here or there but it would seem he’d have to remain behind this time to look out for the next set of visitors to his country.

Bye Little Robot, I’ll miss you…

I’ve quite enjoyed my time in Switzerland, the odd angry confrontation aside.  It’s a lot like the Lake District, but with warmer weather and my shameful lack of foreign language skills to differentiate it in many ways.

True, they could stand to sign post the difference between Geneva station and Geneva Airport Station a little clearer for the visitors (not us, I hasten to add; the family of six who unloaded all their cases onto the platform a stop too early then stared in befuddlement as the train continued on in the direction it’s been travelling in instead of terminating as it would’ve if it’d been the correct station…) and everything is far too expensive but otherwise my previous fears of not enjoying such a lengthy trip to a new land have proven unfounded.



Julie wanted to me to stress that she didn’t want to leave.  Possibly to reinforce this point she tried to kill us both by going through the red lights at the first roundabout we crossed on the way back from Edinburgh.  If I’d been in any doubt about her feelings though, the several times a day she’d mention it for the next fortnight would’ve got me up to speed sharpish, but that was us back home and having made up my mind to move on from my long term job at Getronics I had a whole lot of new trepidations to take the place of my Swiss travel concerns for the next few weeks…
Would I go back?  Yes, probably.  Not for a while though and maybe in the winter next time.  I hope the little Robot will still remember me when I do.


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