When Wampas Attack

Several Wampa sequences were planned for Empire Strikes back, but they were ultimately cut due to technical problems, although some of these scenes appeared in Marvel Comics’ adaptation of ESB. In one such scene, the beeping of astromech droids attracted Wampas. There was a scene where a Wampa broke into the Echo Base and attempted to attack R2-D2, but was killed by Rebel soldiers.

The Rebel Alliance’s base of operations on Hoth, Echo Base, holds several Wampas in cages (as seen in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire). In a deleted scene, C-3PO tears off a sticker when the Rebels were trying to escape the besieged base to trick the pursuing Imperial Stormtroopers into entering one of the rooms.

Snowtroopers are fairly smug that their assault on Echo Base is the only time in the original trilogy that an Imperial victory is shown on-screen. We can only hope that Lucas releases yet another special edition of the film in future where it’s revealed that in fact the Stealth Trooper corps were actually having their Halloween party on Hoth that day and then gave them the beating they so desperately deserved…


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