Have you seen me?

For more years than I can calculate I’ve been carrying my entire life around on a USB stick in my right trouser pocket which I stupidly lost (the drive, not the trousers) on Monday evening. I knew when I last had it, I knew when I last used it, but for the life of me I couldn’t think where it could be when I couldn’t locate it on Tuesday morning.

Obviously this even entirely coincided with a near constant requirement over the past 43.5 hours for something or other which was stored on it.

I searched the house.  I searched my laptop bag.  I searched the car.  I searched bits of the pavement around the driver’s door.  It was nowhere to be found.

Walking across the car park into work this morning I found it.  I actually did a double take seeing it laying there on the ground and thought, that looks like the one I had, before going back to take a closer look, like the odds of me finding someone else’s lost identical stick at that point in time weren’t astronomic.

Despite the fact that it had been rained on, stood on, driven over (including most likely, by me on the way into the car park minutes before) and generally exposed to the elements for the previous 41.5 hours, my first though wasn’t “what an incredible stroke of fortune despite the damage” it was in fact “oh…  the cap is missing…”

Only substantial drying time and a pair of precision pliers to straighten out the connector shield will tell if any of the 7.34Gb of data is recoverable, but at least I got the drive back and the cap which was sitting a foot away

You have now.


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