Postcards from the edge; e-mails from the Fringe

It was reported in the papers this morning that Atos boss Thierry Breton had established a policy a while back to bring about an end to the use of internal e-mail within the company in a response to the reported 15-20 hours per week the 80,000 staff spent dealing with an average of 100 e-mails per day of which something like only 15% were of any use.

It’s a huge amount of wasted, that is, non-profitable, time for any organisation so you can see his point in this and it’ll be interesting in five or so years time to see whether posterity shows he was an innovator in intra-corporate communications or just a mental.

Knowing people who work for the company though I’m concerned by the fact that from his photo he appears to be Walter Bishop and that he’ll start suggesting that instead of e-mailing each other they simply insert electrical probes into your brains and take MASSIVE DRUGS™ to communicate across a mental plane.

Not that it’s a bad idea in itself, but to be honest from there it’s probably only a short step to replacing the staff with doppelgängers from another universe who’ll work for cheaper…


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