Reasons to hate Reading #7

Through a combination of self-abuse and trying to increase the Priority Club points brand multiplier on my account I’ve come back to the Crowne Plaza hotel this week, home of the previous set of Reading based irritations.

The chain take great pride in their Sleep Advantage program which promotes “a great nights sleep” through luxurious bedding, quiet zones and a selection of aromatherapy potions all designed to let you drift off easily.  Doubtless it does let you fall asleep quickly.  My experience is that I had no problems getting to sleep.  Staying asleep as the clock on the television reveals is another matter.

The “quiet zones” are great in theory.  Having no room attendant, housekeeping or engineering activities after 21:00 is fine.  Unfortunately being next to a busy road, the other guests (including what I take to be a woman in high heels, who’s room apparently came equipped with a wooden floor, on the floor above and the French guest in the adjoining room who’s mobile was apparently stuck permanently on “speakerphone”) and air conditioning sort of defeat the point of it…


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