SAPping my will to live

After wasting the best part of a day and a half last week trying to get my account unlocked and the password reset for SAP to allow me to complete my time sheets at work I finally got in yesterday.

Unfortunately when trying to use the codes to fill it in for last week, it returns a message “User status PC is active” which the online help suggests means it’s closed for bookings. Confirming this if I look in the My Tasks/My Projects list there would appear to be no entries at all.

Apparently new project codes have been created by the SAP team, but they haven’t given them out to anyone. Not that this flaw in the plan in any way troubles them when they send out the e-mail saying that the cut off date for the month is 14th December. Helpfully, they also send out a report to managers listing all the missing time that staff have, which my name is now on, prompting a polite request that I complete it to date.

I look forward to the inevitable Duck Season/Rabbit Season-style cycle of “you haven’t filled in SAP”, “you haven’t given me a code” e-mails every day from now until the end of January between myself and the admin team…


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