Marvel Superheroes Where The–?!

For me, the biggest loss in the Wizard Publishing implosion was the end of Twisted Toyfare Theatre. I’m something of a fan of those strips, and yes it’d seen better days long before the end, since most of the alumni had moved on to the TV series it begat, Robot Chicken, but I can still re-read the collected volumes of the first eight years worth and heartily chuckle and it’s arguable what form Rill and Led would exist in without their influence.

So while reading Decembers comics I was delighted to find the promotional tie-ins with Toyota which continue in the same animated vein, which then led me to the series of videos for Marvel Superheroes What The–?!

No, obviously they’re corporate and not quite as scathing of the character flaws as their more independently produce predecessors, but they fill a gap between seasons of Robot Chicken and are ideally bite sized for watching on the go.
Except the Marvel website isn’t compatible with Safari on an iOS device, so that idea of watching them on the go quickly fell by the wayside.
Until now.
Now, for your ease and laziness I’ve listed and linked all of the episodes so far as uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy.

1 Episode One
2 Wolverine Movie Premier
3 The Problem with Pirates
4 San Diego or Bust
5 M.O.D.O.K.’s M.O.M.E.N.T.S.
6 Grumpy Old Man Logan
7 All Hallow’s MODOK
8 Twi Harder
9 99 Hulk Balloons
10 MODOK Holiday Special
11 Deadpool FYC
12 Iron Mania
13 The Hero Your Hero Could Smell Like
14 X-Men vs. Vampires: Bite Me
15 Dr. Strange and the Magical Mixup
16 A Very Merry Spidey-Day
17 The Big Game
18 For Your Consideration (Again)
19 M.O.D.O.K. Makes a Meme
20 X-Men: The True Early Years!
21 Wolverine in “Partial Recall”
22 Strange Halloween Tales of Suspense to Astonish!


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