War plans ~ 2004 – 2012: Eight Years of CoHCOMICS!

Continuing our look ‘behind the scenes’ of AFS at War, in this post we reproduce some of the documents detailing the genesis and development of the project.

Seen below are Marks’ original notes for the story outline and background scenario.Note that the bottom of the page shown indicates it was written at a stage where the story would be told over three chapters from the differing perspectives of the antagonists, The Recruit, The General and Specialist Slate, respectively…


The second image here shows the breakdowns for the first four pages of the opening sequence. 

Although the war would provide a backdrop to the story being told it was a conscious decision that it would only be shown briefly, hence the large Thrax splash page after which they are never seen again…

Even early in the process of taking screen shots there were a number of retakes required and bits of vague information that needed to be clarified such as place and character names.

Obviously there was a very real final deadline approaching for any redux to be completed in.  Once the servers were shut down there was no guarantee how long references such as TaRapedia would remain, although as it happens the site still persists to this day.

N.B. the “yawn” was a required emote on page 5, not indicative of boredom!

The reverse side of the paper similarly shows changes required while the game was still running.

Once again, the concept of spreading the narrative out over three chapters, this time across three separate issues with different but thematically linked front covers as each character is introduced to the narrative arises.
Unfortunately, the material covering each of the featured characters is not of a consistent length in terms of page counts, so the idea was dropped…


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