Getting fresh with the Prince, chapter two

Continuing my 2003 conversation with a Nigerian scammer who fails to realise he’s matched wits with the Derren Brown-like villain from Thunderbirds…

Date: 08/08/2003 15:34:58 GMT Standard Time
To: O—-@—.–m
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Dear Mr Hood
Thanks for your mail and i really apprecaite your effort ,care and concern for this business and i will like to assure you that it will be for our mutaul benefits
I quite apprecaite that you already understand the terms and mode of the transaction without throwing more lights from my part.
The set aside percentage for you which is 30% and 10 % for any expenses incured by you and our part will be deducted from the total sum after it has been sucessfully transfered into your account.
Be informed therefore that you and our party will have to sign a business mutual agreement with us for the existance of the transaction between the two paries witness by our own accreditted attorney before the transaction before can commence who we will give you is contact details later in our next correspondences to you.
Our own part of the funds will be used for investment under your supervision and control after the funds have been transfer into your account.
For now, we will like you to furnish us with the followings
1.Your contact details (Tel/Fax/Mobile )numbers for easier communcation between us.
2.Your banking details
3.The name of your company.
4.The first page of your internatinal passport.
Upon the receipt of the above requirement, which we shall use the informations to start the processing of the funds release to you as the beneficiary.but we will have to incorporate your company’s name here with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission and the Nigerian national petroleum corporation so that we can start the process.
We will furnish you with more details of the whole transaction after we get these information.
Hoping to establish a good business relationship with you.
Best regards
Prince Azeez Lawal

+++09 August 2003 16:46+++
E-mail from the E. Hood

Mwah-a-ha Prince Azeez

I hope this missive finds you in good health and full of enthusiasm with which to continue our transaction. And if not I’m sure I can make you think your are.

As you so rightly suggest I will not require you to ‘throw more lights’ on the terms and mode of our business. To someone such as myself well used to the International Rescue arena such further illumination can be cast by my own glowing eyes.

After reviewing your proposal something struck me as if out from under the cliff house*, in that before progressing further you should be aware of my background so that you will feel you can trust and obey me in all things related to our dealings. I must insist on the utmost discretion in our business and communications. It would not do for outsiders to take an interest in our dealings. I myself have a hated half-brother Kyrano** who would be only too willing to betray our confidences.

To my own ends my share of the money will be use to invest in a Malaysian Jungle operation which I have been setting up for a great many years***.

As to your requests:

1. In your original message you stated “FOR SECURITY REASONS OUR
COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE ON EMAIL ONLY” and as such I am reluctant at this stage to provide my contact details. I quite agree with your need from security as my enemies employ the use of sophisticated monitoring equipment****.

2. My account number is 01447768 and branch code 09-58

3. I prefer that this remain a private transaction, as I work on a freelance basis, selling my services as and when they are needed to the highest bidder. However if needed I can be reached through the offices of Gerry Anderson Productions (GAP).

4. I do not have a scanner and would be unable to provide this currently. Perhaps this recent photograph of myself will suffice for the moment although I do regularly change my appearance.*****

I look forward to furthering my ambitions with your assistance


* Thunderbird 2 – Immediate Launch!






***The Hood’s character profile on the official Thunderbirds site says “Operating from a strange temple hidden deep in the Malaysian jungle, the Hood has successfully eluded capture by the world’s security forces for a great many years”
**** They do. It’s Aboard Thunderbird 5…
***** Ghandi! Ben Kingsly will portray The Hood in the live action Thunderbirds movie.


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