Getting fresh with the Prince, chapter three

The third part of my 2003 e-mail exchange with a Nigerian scammer and he’s obviously getting keen as he sends the message below seven times in the two hours since my previous reply…

Date: 09/08/2003 18:37:19 GMT Standard Time
To:  O—-@—.–m
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Evel,

I so much like your mail ,it gives me much confident that we can work together.

but a need as arise for you and i to communication via telephone and fax,as the concern authority which will be releasing the funds will like to talk with you or fax you thier correspondence.i don’t mind communcating with you via  email alone but there is an important need for you to either provide your direct/private mobile phone line or fax so that they can contact you.

secondly,i will still require the name of your company addresses and other relevant information for us to include it in thge documents the we want to prepare on your behalf for the release of the funds in question.

the third point is that ,there are two alternative way of claiming these funds, can claim its here via swift transfer to your bank which we will some vital  documentations to be put in place for you in both cases .

2.You can receive the funds in europe in cash,through a diplomatic way which we have just discover ,it is fast,easier but requires us to put some documentation about your claims intact but its is expensive for us to bear the cost but it is faster . 

the two options above are the two way by which these funds can be claimed by you and i will explain to you in details how you can go about the two procedures and choose the best option that will suit your convince.


This require you to make a former application to the concern authories as the beneficiary of the thirthy million (in both Cases) with our corporation(NNPC).that you worked with the contractor whose payment have been made since he has completed his contract with our corporation and that he told you that your funds is with our corporation yet to be claimed .that is why you are filing in the application for the claim of the funds in question.

with the support of my colleagues in key positions you application will be given a faster recorgition for immediate onward  payment by our corporation for immediate payment by the   ministry of finance so that the funds can be release within the shortest time possible once your documentation is complete with our help.

You will therefore need to employ the services of an accreditted attorney who is file in all the application for you since you are not here in person whom you will give power of attorney to act on your behalf. most of the time it will be an accreditted attorney with the concern authoritywhere the funds will be release.after the verification and recruinzation of your claims without any obligations your payment will be guaranteed for onward transfer to the benefactors bank which is your bank that is all about the option 1.


After filing in your application to our your attorney ,you will then advise them that you want the funds to be cashed and deposited in a diplomatic security company which will transfer the funds to you in  europe so that you will collect it there in cash .you can then bank it there and transfer to your account in your country.the reason for this  Option is that you might not like the funds to be traced to your account for security reasons .even though we have planned to destroy all the files that can implicate you and everyone involved in the transaction also for security reasons.

Therefore in both ways we are assured of tiding up our securities for the transactions.and it is 100% risk free.

we shall commence operation on Monday to get some documents ready on your behalf for your claims .you are therefore advise to be ready to open constant email,tel,fax communication with me and the concern authories for the next one week to claim the funds.

On this note ,i will like you to chose the option thatwill suite you to claim the funds.and get back to me with

1. your tel/fax/mobile numbers

2. your bank name and address

3.your company’s name

it is very not worry we can in corporate your company’s name here and also register it with our corporation.we just need your company’s name and address.

i will expect your immediate reply



+++10 August 2003 19:53+++
The e-mail from The Evel Hood

Wait for it…

Mwah-ah-ha Prince Azeez Lawal:

I am congracious that you should respond to my influences so promptly. My only regret is that I have not been able to enlist your professional help in my previous schemes as I take you to be a man after my own dark heart unlike my thrice accursed brother Kyrano. Your professionalism and intelligence make me glad we are not rivals in this business as it would most tiresome to crush you.

It is heartening to hear that the matter proceeds. I hope that my forthcoming absence will not affect our progress in this transaction. To clarify: Due to circumstances beyond my control I will be forced to travel this week to that end my phone number may remain unanswered. However I have a trusted minion, Argent X’twosehro* who will check my e-mail on a daily basis and can provide you with any additional matters you require in my absence. He is quite knave** in the ways of the Surface World, and I have not fully briefed him on this matter as you have previously indicated the need for secrecy, so discretion is advised, but he does obey me in all things and would sooner be turned into sushi*** than betray me.

Your plan to pass the funds through Europe is most interesting. In the near future I plan to do a job within the Bank of England****. I’m sure you cannot deny the convenience of killing two Thunderbirds with one stone.

1. 0141 951 0324/na/07475231163
2. APL Center, Main Drive, Ardeer, Stevenston, KA20 8EA
3. The Spectrum Agency***** (S.I.G.)

From the centre of the Round House****** I wish you good fortune,

E. Hood

* Agent X-2-0 sent to the surface world to spy on the activities of WASP

 **The word may be spelt “n-a-i-v-e” but it’s pronouced “KNAVE” as Space Ghost rightly pointed out one time
***Because he’s part fish, get it? Well he’s from an undersea world anyway, even if his piscine lineage is debatable…
****Once again in the live-action Thunderbirds film
*****Well, we’ve had Stingray, let’s get Captain Scarlet involved too
******Thunderbird 3, Blast Off!


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