Getting fresh with the Prince, chapter five

A couple of days go by with no contact and I start to get concerned that the Prince had fallen foul of the Nigerian Banking Authorities. Or that he was smarter than he seemed. Hooray! No need for worry, as he soon returned in this fifth epic installment of my 419 baiting. Unlike The Hood…

Date: 14/08/2003 22:49:29 GMT Standard Time
To:  O—-@—.–m
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Good day to you,
I am very happy to hear from you for the first time,any way your boss told me that you will be in charge when he is not around.
I have started processing the relevant documents for him to claim the funds and by tomorrow the documents should be ready.
We have submitted the documents to the corporate affairs commision here to incorporate your company here and also we have registered Spectrum agency incorpoartion with the Nigerian National Petroeum Corporation(NNPC). The two documents will be ready along side with other documents, so that you can present your application to the appropreaite body by monday.
For now all is well and by monday you will make the formal presentation to the NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION for the claims.I will apprecaite if you can keep the secrete of our correspondence because if i find it difficult to deal with a third party like i told your boss.I will furnish you with details of the out come of the documents tomorrow.

+++15 August 2003 20:23+++
From the desk of Argent X’twosehro

Greetings…surface Prince. I’m most meekly apologetic, that the Hood has been forced to leave myself in charge while he is in absence but it appears that he will return by the 19th to once again inspiring us both his munificent wisdom. Apparently there have been some delays due to blackouts of power on the East Coast of America* causing the closure of the airports exactly as he had intended and the full resources of International Rescue have been deployed to help out during the resultant state of emergency. He insists that this exposure will finally allow his triumph and is most excited, if I may say so.
I will report to him at the earliest opportunity that all proceeds apace with your dealings and you should have no fear that your correspondence remains a secret. Heh. I’m so discrete that no one ever realised I was there during my whole time on the Island of Lemoy, despite my activities for Lord Triton.

But I digress, please allow me to inspire you with this most meagre of blessings:

Have faith in your partners, silent as the deep;
Do not be as nervous as a wreck in your dealings;
Remain as sharp as plankton in all things.

Heh. The ocean may roar on the surface but it is placid beneath, remain bold and good fortune will come to you.

Till next time terrainian,
this is Argent X’twosehro signing off…

*Will Azeez spot that The Evil Hood is claiming responsibility for bringing the America eastern seaboard to a halt in 2003?  Just to lure out the Tracy Brothers.  What an evil genius…


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