Getting fresh with the Prince, chapter six

A sixth and final installment of my communications with Prince Azzez Lawal where I apparently push things to far or he gets cold feet and breaks off contact…

Date: 16/08/2003 21:20:33 GMT Standard Time

To:  O—-@—.–m
Sent from the Internet (Details)

dear sir,
thank you for your mail.i think we cannot wait any more for lord hood to return from his trip as on the 19th of august because the documents will be out by monday and that mean you will have to send the application in his stead.
i will send you a draft copy of what you will send to the corporation
thank you and god bless

+++19 August 2003 20:23+++
From the desk of Argent X’twosehro

Greetings…surface Prince.
It is my most humbly, sincere hope that the Hood will be back to inspire us all, or at the very least influence our wills with his evil glowing eyes which have the power to control men’s minds, in the near future.
To that end I would like to say goodbye to you. You have remained a true friend and a consummate professional in our short dealings. I wonder if I may ask for a photograph of you, if it isn’t too much trouble to remember you by. I will miss our communications and this would help to lift my spirits.
Still, I would be remiss in my duties as his representative if I didn’t inform you that the draft copy of the documents which should have been out on Monday have not arrived. I know he his really looking forward to seeing them.
But, I do beg your indulgence as I humbly attempt to deliver an inspirational message to you to in this time of sadness:

If wishes were fishes, then the world would be an ocean…

I’m sure that you, like me wish his greatness will be back amongst us soon. Also, I like fish so it works on many levels.

Heh. Till next time terrainian, this is Surface Argent X’twosehro signing off…

Can’t imagine how I gave myself away, still since starting to post these there’s been a notable increase in arrivals in my spam folder.  Perhaps the Evil Hood can be lured out of retirement…


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