57 Bute Astronomical Club Elements Event – 25th May 2013

Five Years StealthLocation
Rothesay Pavilion, Rothesay 11:00 – 16:00

Mission Report
Our second visit to Rothesay was equally blessed and cursed by good weather, both the temperature and the number of attendees being in stark contrast to the first Astronomical Society Event back at in January as a result.
Despite a bit of miscommunication regarding the venue (probably to our cost, I bet the competing event at Mount Stuart House was mobbed that day) it was something of a relief to be back in the know turf of the Pavillion where, as single set of steps aside, I figured I’d be able to cope in the Stealth Trooper suit for my first outing in it since last summer.
Unfortunately late in the afternoon a combination of the discomfort of wearing it, the heat of the sunshine and the expiration of my lid fan batteries proved me wrong and required a hurried semi-dekit for respite, still it’s amazing how well I overcame my step nemesis which had thwarted me all day until that point when I needed too!

As mentioned attendance by the public was pretty low this time round and the day was slow going without much public participation, fortunately the reflectiveness of my lenses provided a novelty distraction for our camera wielding spotter. At some point we, or more particularly I, apparently adopted the miniature Vader helmet and chestbox clad son of one of the helpers who pretty much never left my side for the rest of the day. Judging by his regular frantic head bobbing he was deeply engaging me in conversation a large amount of the time, but between the constant repetition of the eight space related songs they had on loop in the hall and the distortion of his voice changer, I didn’t hear a blessed word the whole time.

Still, quiet day or not the BAS folk looked after us well as usual and I regret that circumstances precluded me from helping them out at the Greenock Event prior to this one.

Oh, and oddly for being encased head to foot in black plastic all day, I returned home with some sunburn. I guess those Imperial-issue neck seals aren’t UV-safe…

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