An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Two


13 Days till deadline
Contrary to my modus operandi, I start to draw up actual plans for this build instead of keeping it all in my head.
rotorJust as I finish I get an e-mail from the writer/director/star/producer (did I say producer last time..?) with some MSPAINT edited photos with his ideas on how to upgrade the console from its bottle top/sticky tape origin. His ideas are… conceptually interesting

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I reassure him we can do better and send on my diagram. One interesting thing that comes out of the back and forth is that he also feels the console is too small and would like me to increase the size. Since the wood is already bought and more importantly cut to size if not shape I think that’s going to prove slightly difficult until he suggests some McGann style shelves round it.
“McGann style shelves” starts me thinking that like the film itself the console should maybe attempt to homage consoles of each era rather than be tied to a single one and wouldn’t you know it, by coincidence an auction for a vintage Burroughs adding machine is just about to end. Time to strain the bank balance again.

All this added weight isn’t just going to need the top panels replacing either and with the new shelves and the facing for the front of them I think some bracing is going to be needed. In fact thinking about how the pedestal was falling to bits (having just been wood glued together apparently) it’s probably going to need internal support to. Nnnngggh. On the bright side though, there’s a distinct lack of roundels on set and my newly purchased adjustable size hole cutter gives the opportunity to create a little visual nod via these braces.

By now bits and pieces are starting to arrive through the post; first up the stuff from EMA and a kitchen utensil supplier enabling me to start work on the central column.
I’m using Celations work for reference, albeit smaller, to fit the pre-exiting plastic tube I have and simplified, since I don’t have access to a laser cutter to do nice round shapes. Neither do I have time or resources to make it rise and fall (believe me though I did look into both a wiper motor and a cog/sprocket/auto direction switching controller) I settle for using a rotating display base which I already have to hand. This has a cluster of LEDs in the centre and I’m hoping that by cutting a hole into the colander for the upright acrylic rod that this light will diffuse through the whole structure quite nicely.

Up till now most of my projects have been completed on the breakfast bar, but with all the work required that’s just not going to -haha- cut it. Luckily we’re not far off my birthday and I co-opt family generosity to purchase a workbench as an early present. Having also purchased a jigsaw, then had to return it because an industrial model was supplied I end up borrowing another. Unfortunately my attempts to cut a straight line with it are sadly lacking and probably hindered when trying to use the in-built laser as a guide, to say nothing of trying to cut at an angle to make the panels fit together. The wood has to be dispatched off to someone better equipped with a table saw to accomplish that for me. In the meantime I make a start on cutting those ping-pong balls (and one of my thumbs) in half and end up burning out the speed control on my Dremmel trying to cut Hexagons out of Perspex sheet for structure surrounding the central column.


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