An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Four


6 Days till deadline
With five days left to go the wood is returned cut into trapezoids I begin to cut out the holes in the panels for the various controls.


It’s painfully slow going with my domestic cordless drill which is little more than a glorified electric screwdriver and the battery charge is lasting about 30 minutes for every five hours of charging. Once again I prevail on family to borrow a heavier duty drill (with multiple battery packs, praise Harry) enabling me to power through them (as well as accidentally cutting an extra hole by mistake) and let my other half begin painting them.

My preference here is to use a light grey, but the pedestal is already white and although I anticipate that it would cause less flare from the overhead studio lights, what do I know, I’m not the film and TV production graduate.

As well as the control surfaces the McGann shelves and the facing for them have also been cut to size and shape. There’s not much to do to these other than cut a hole in the centre of each facing strip where a Seal of Rassilon decal will sit, so I zoom through those too and leave them to be painted.


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