An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Five


5 Days till deadline

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Going round the console I tackle a panel to make any additional bits required beyond those which were purchased. A wooden ball from the Art Store painted red will be the top of the door control with some dowel (left over from my Invasion Cyberman arm and leg rod build) for lever. By reusing the wooden circles cut out for the controls I can make a box for the lever too.

For the second panel I only have to trim some frosted plastic to shape and size to sit over the lights I plan to put in the centre to diffuse them. On the third, I have some pipe brass fittings to make a heavy-duty lever which can be masterfully thrown in the style of Peter Capaldi during his 50th anniversary cameo and the fourth panel is going to have those Rolls Royce parts if they ever turn up or the 11b console homage as mentioned.

For the fifth panel, my Hartnell Power side, I use the hole cutter on the styrene sheet to cut the circles to surround the half ping-pong balls. This goes quite well except that every second or third the blades seem to bite into the material at the end leaving a little “v” chunk out of the inner and outer circumference. Can’t really figure out why it happens to prevent it regardless of how many I cut. Again I can use previously cut wooden circles to make lever boxes. The original filming version had some decent knobs which I think were the caps from some sort of plastic water barrel and one of them looks not too far off the original dematerialization lever with some small wooden balls again for the Booster lever caps.

The sixth panel remains stubbornly empty both on the promise of those Rolls Royce parts freeing up the proposed switches and things from Panel 4(A) and the possibility that a telephone will need to be mounted on the console for one of the scenes.  I’m told that “a big switch-y thing” has been provided by them with other parts coming on Wednesday.  You know, “48 hours till deadline Wednesday” and that’s not even saying I’ll have them in hand.  Still all those unique machined aluminium parts are going to be worth the headaches, right..?


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