An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Six


48 hours till deadline
Two days before the whole thing is supposed to be in studio for filming some photos are finally e-mailed of the parts supplied by the contact at Rolls Royce.




Time for Plan C then.
Out with the hole cutter again and it need to be set to it’s maximum size because a few bits as possible can go on this panel as they’re now need to fill up space on Panel 6 as the phone idea has been dropped. I’ve asked the producer to have some Gallifrey style concentric circles printed up onto acetate for the navigation panel, but given that there’s little chance he’ll complete the request and certainly not get it to me soon enough, while I’m using the hole cutter I wonder if I can abuse it to do some engraving onto Perspex for me..? Takes two attempts and buckets of sweat as I get closer to doing the final circle in anticipation of causing it to crack but I get there eventually.

So we’ve got a McGann shelf, a Hartnell panel, a Smith panel, a Baker-T-ish panel and a Recall Indicator ala Davison. If I add some broken line detailing to my door control box it’s reminiscent of his era too. I guess I can cheat it and say the scanner animation I’ve done in After Effects is an Eccleston\Tennant nod and every flick switch is a tip of the hat to Pertwee so everything except the later Eighties console is represented in some small way, which is slightly fitting given the purpose of the film.

The weather hasn’t really improved and there’s been near constant rain so another slight problem is that I’m not really sure where all this is going to go to sit while it dries, certainly not outdoors on the lawn. In the end nobody gets a shower or come and go by the front door for the next two days as the bathroom floor and hallway are covered with bits of wood being painted and drying. At least there’s still the garden hut where the spray painting of the controls can all be done.


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