An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Eight


13 hours till deadline
Around 01:00 I checked my e-mail to find a message from the producer in response to my comment earlier in the night that I’ve run short by about a day in terms of build time, but the console will be ready for filming as required, but without lights fitted. He’s decided to put back the filming by a week because I’ve not been able to finish in the two weeks I said it would take.

I feel pretty bad that I’ve not delivered what I promised, despite the 16 or 17 hour days, barely even stopping to eat that I’ve been devoting to it. While it’s 80% there and entirely usable I wouldn’t be happy with it knowing we had to cut corners purely because I didn’t know my own limits.


Having to return to work the following week means that I won’t have time in the evenings to finish it for his next deadline either and while I could get it all done within a fortnight, my 40th birthday falls on that Friday so I wouldn’t be able to transport it to the studio and begin the couple of hours it will take to set up until the Saturday morning, potentially delaying the start of their filming.


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