An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Seven


22 hours till deadline
Everything has had a couple of coats of paint by now and with less than 24 hours to go we’re waiting on it drying sufficiently to get to work with the hot glue gun during the day on Friday when I really ought to be working.

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Meanwhile it’s coming up to midnight and I can get back to the central column. Aside from some Superglue related excess and forgetting to put the thinner bit on before the bit which is slightly wider first time round, this goes surprisingly well, until in a 01:00 attempt to finish it in time for shooting one of the horizontal rods for the topmost black sail gets stuck partway through it’s fixing hole. Either the hole shrunk or the rod expanded but no amount of tapping is shifting it one way or another until almost inevitably it snaps. Having used the excess rod elsewhere I having nothing to replace it with so the top two sails need to attach directly to the centre upright. Suddenly this console is referencing the Troughton era too with the dilapidated state of the central column.


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