An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Nine


Deadline + 8 days


Failing to have it finished on time really takes the wind out of my sails with the project. Towards the end there it was the adrenaline keeping me going trying to get it finished within the fortnight and after that pressure is released I crash in a big way.
It was a few days before I could even face gluing the simplest of the panels together and a week later there are only three complete.

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Even those I’m not happy with now, all I can see is big empty spaces where there are no controls and I start looking around the TARDIS Builder forums and other Internet locations for inspiration.
The knob thing and coloured domes on Panel 4 just look really out of place compared to the Navigation circle and I need to make the light strip for the TARDIS Central Computer on Panel 2 closer to what was seen on screen.

One of those problems can be solved by eating a load of Quality Street the other will depend on how fast Rubbertoes can dispatch their stock items.


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