An Adventure in just about Time and not enough Space – Episode Thirteen


Deadline + 20 days
At the beginning of the week I bought some red plastic material to fill the gaps between the chunks beading being used for the central column detailing so another Five Doctors homage has squeezed in last-minute.


Having noticed on the way past a shop shelf that some bronzing makeup compacts were the correct shape and size for the lights at either side of Panel 5, I’m able to meet the producer partway on the changes he wanted. I mask off the top to spray black and the underside to spray silver and cut some more of my red plastic to colour the light. With some of the spare wood inserted into the erroneous hole, some filler, glue and ice-lolly sticks to fill the void, I can be rid of the PC fan grill and still have enough room to mount another cabinet light underneath them both.


The top off an emergency fuel cap makes a more accurate replacement for the knob on top of the main power lever on this panel too…

Unfortunately disaster strikes while cutting a 70mm hole for the Navigation trackball; the blades on the hole cutter slip position and cut a large diameter groove across the face of Panel 4. The left hand side of it needs to be filled, sanded and repainted before the modifications to it can be complete.

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