Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part twenty-four

Following the end of the HIVE storyline, not much happens in the way of missions.  Two* “events” occur in the current version of the game circa the fag-end of level 10; the player gets a base which is of questionable merit unless they are part of a league and/or the pay for the Home Turf expansion and they get their first “Vault ticket”, access to an instance with a selection of loot boxes.

Neither makes for a particularly exciting screenshot, but I figure the Vault ranks over an empty map decorated in dingy style…

Will to Power 10

*There’s also the Area-51 alert I guess, but that’s not for a single-player.  In addition, not that you can’t visit before then, but that’s when the mission to do so comes in, you get access to the Justice League Watchtower as a social/crafting/bank/mail hub, but, hey…  there’s not much going on at level 11 either so I have to keep something in reserve!


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