Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part twenty-seven

So… My #1 cover for this has been bothering me for while and I finally figured out why. When I originally did it, it had #3 on the cover, because at the time the screenshot was taken the character was level three. When I restarted this run of covers I had entirely forgotten this line of reasoning and redid the screenshot at a higher resolution and published it as #1.
Playing by my own rules though it should have been #3 as it was originally, which means trying to find a rather boring Brainiac ship screenshot to use for the first issue…

Or, the character select screen…
Will To Power 1 v3

…which is handy because that image needs to be in the background for the Zero Issue.

Will To Power 0

Or… Does it?
I thought all those covers were the main character bursting through the first issue cover from their New 52 series, but from the limited sample I’ve been able to look through it appears they’re bursting through the panels of one of the interior pages. Was this consistent across the whole line that month?


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