Here comes The Judge – PROG 001


Last year at this time leveraged some existing items I already owned to create a Seventh Doctor costume for Halloween.

“How did that go?”, you’re wondering.

Have you ever read those posts?

No, you haven’t.  That should give you a clue as to how drawn out the process became with the resulting not-being-done-in-time-for-Halloween costume, becoming a still-not-finished-by-the-50th Anniversary Convention costume and latterly a “might’ve worn it in August to meet Sylvester McCoy in Glasgow, but the jacket hadn’t arrived” costume.

Anyway, this year I just wasn’t going to bother at all until during a tidy up I came across some costume parts that I’d entirely forgotten about…

Back in the first half of 2010, there was a flirtation with the idea of crafting a replica Judge Dredd in the style of the comic book, before a licensed version existed and back when the only movie replica would have come complete with Stallone-sized cod-piece.  Due to problems reliability of the supplier it never really went anywhere and the parts sat in a corner, forgotten.

Till now.

So historically I have a helmet, shoulders, belt buckle and badge, and a bit of chain which is only awaiting some gold paint.


I’m missing a bodysuit, belt, gloves, boots and pads for the shoulders and elbows.  Off to eBay to spend the minimum amount possible…


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