Here comes The Judge – PROG 003

HCTJ003I’d ordered some pouches off eBay for the belt, but now they’ve arrived I see they’re far too big as can be seen at the left side of the belt in the picture at the bottom.  In fact I could probably use one as a Lawgiver holster!

Elsewhere on the Internet it’s been recommended to use Halfords Vauxhall Pine Green and Ford Olympic Gold.

Initially I was wary of going with that particular green as I felt it was too dark, preferring instead to use “KENS GRDNS” (presumably ‘Kensington Gardens’) from the Valspar range of spray paint that B&Q sell.

On later consideration though that’s maybe a bit too bright so I ended up going for Valspar Mont Pal Green which is probably slightly darker than the Vauxhall offering.

I definitely didn’t want the Ford paint for the badge chain as it’s too dull.  The Solar Gold from the same range might be a better match for my shiny badge and shoulder armour but rather than visit another shop I bought the Valspar Metallic Brilliant Gold again from B&Q.

While I was in there I got a glimpse of some Christmas Tree decorations which looked the right size and shape for the belt pouches.  On closer examination these turned out to be fake envelopes addressed to Santa, so back to front they actually work as pouches, albeit thin ones so seeing as they were mispriced, I picked up a bunch.

A work colleague was trying to dispose of some New Rock boots.  A bit… over greeblied for my needs, but back in 2010 when this was all being discussed the highly insightful Neil McAndrew made the point that some of the Dredd artists drew the boots as though they had gaiters covering them, something that’s stuck with me since and the approach I had intended to take so I’ve also ordered some riding gaiters.

Finally for today, the elbow and knee pads I’d ordered from LeatherNext were delivered.  These are from their range of Dredd 2012 replicas and as a result aren’t far off their inspiration.  I’d originally intended to make these myself out of foam as I did with the Arkham Asylum boot armour and gauntlets, but I kept butting up against the fact they’d have to curve in a hemisphere.  I also considered using Ghostbuster elbow pads (née, volleyball knee pads) but with the cost of shipping two pairs of them from the US it worked out cheaper to go for the Dredd 2012 set.



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