Here comes The Judge – PROG 007


More painting!
Even with a base coat of primer the pouches aren’t taking the paint anywhere near enough.  I have to resort to giving them a coat of emulsion to form a base for the green spray.  It seems odd, Valspar is the same brand as Plasti-Kote but the paint just doesn’t seem as capable of adhering to porous surfaces.
I don’t have a lot of time left to waste repeatedly re-painting these so I cover the gloves with emulsion too which save discovering it needed done tomorrow!

Using some spare elastic and a pile of DIY parts I modify the knee and elbow pads.



The final result is slightly reminiscent of modern era Cliff Robertson Dredd with the hex socket bolts on his gloves.  Again, at this point these and the boots are going to have to stay their original colour or I’ll never be finished in time.


Speaking of the boots, the second one has had the detailing removed so with the gloves and pouches still drying at this stage the ensemble looks lie this:


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