Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-five

Look at the Will to Power cover.  Bit Alex Ross/JSA-ish, eh?

Totally by accident though, no Photoshoppery there.

During The Crime Bible arc there a mission to interrogate an Intergang boss in his penthouse.  Just before the final mob there’s a set of stairs with a glowy underneath and going in there to recover the items it drops envelopes the player character in inky darkness.  Entirely appropriate to show off his new Lantern-esque, green aura, which it’s taken me until five levels from the end to realise had to be purchased from the in-game market…Will to Power 25
I had intended to do the same for next weeks Archer cover, but other than Christmas and the occasional event I wanted to avoid ‘themes’.  Green Arrow #25 was a tie-in to the ongoing Zero Year in the Batman titles.  Much like the green aura I couldn’t believe it had taken my this long to feature a Gotham screenshot with the bat signal in the background!Archer 9

Bit of a rotation to the image to position her at the same sort of angle and position as Oliver Queen was at on the original cover.  Given what’s involved in the next set of Archer covers, as we homage The Outsiders War, the rotation is hardly cheating at all…


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