Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-six

Green Arrow #26 saw the first chapter of The Outsiders War with a run of atypical themed covers by Andrea Sorrentino. Following neatly on from the Zero Year cover, our fictional “The Dark Path” (thanks Yoda) arc chronicles the early days of the villain character. Appropriately, the screenshots are all from the early game.

Archer 10

It’s a bit of cheat in regards to “take a screen shot, make a cover”, in as much as the bespoke logo down the side, albeit reusing existing assets, the curves adjustment to the colour and the lenses over the top to give it that vignette look, but other than the colour balance there’s not a lot of work involved the next few of these, so it’s my rule to break…

Over at Will To Power, we’re in the final stretch to 30. Along the way I’ve move away from the early action shot covers to more posed images. In the last few I’m going to try to redress that.

Will to Power 26

The Question (Renee Montoya version) was over on the left of the screenshot. The landscape aspect of the game sometimes thwarts a good portrait cover shot…


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