Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-eight

Again, not much to be said about the Archer cover, except that there’s only one lens applied on the next three as the two used to create the vignette effect for the first two covers in this set made the remainder of them look too dark.
Archer 12

“The Waking Dead”. Hehe. It’s obviously only because they’re awake that they’re walking about.Will to Power 28

EDIT: I don’t know, somewhere along the line things have got confused and I thought I was at level #29 when the above was written… In reality the screenshot for #28 was taken right at the start of that block of XP ladder, probably because I was hoping to get a thematic link to the #29 cover, which never happened. Looking back there were other, equally good, if not better screenshots from that level, but the cover above was already complete and posted.
As luck would have it though, #28 of Green Lantern was an odd double comic, a “flip book” if you will with Red Lanterns #28, so while the other screenshot comes from a separate mission and doesn’t continue the story as they did, at least I feel a bit better about how things turned out…
Will to Power 28b


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