Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fifty-six

I’d have gleefully skipped over the Futures End issue on the basis that they were one-shots and not part of the ongoing series. Also, would you be able to tell the changes to Archer five years later when her “new” costume had only been on a single cover so far..?
To be honest though I’m killing some time until the post-Convergence solicits hit to see what if any changes there are to the series and trade dress, so…

Archer FE 1

You’ll noticed I’ve cheaped out here and gone for the standard printing to avoid having to attempt to reproduce the 3-D Motion cover effect.

I mean, how could you even do that anyway?

I doubt you could. Seems impossible…

Wait. What’s this at the bottom of the post..?

Futures End Archer 1


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