Five years of the ISS

The 501st Legion Imperial Scottish Squad, to give its Sunday name, was formed five years ago this >coughcough< apparently.
Actually, it was formed back at the beginning of 2009 as The Tatooine Highland Pipe Band, but that doesn’t get mentioned much because nobody likes to give me any credit for anything.

I’ve had my ups and downs with it and the membership, mostly in relation to it pretty much being a Facebook user exclusive club in recent times, but I’m still proud of the fact that against internal and external resistance we managed to pull together a squad in a wholly democratic manner.

The five-year thing brings two thoughts to mind though… The first is that five years on, I’ve still never finished the artwork for the presentation to our first Squad Leader, (luckily he’s still in the job and I can try to pass it off eventually as a leaving present) but more importantly, the second is in regards to the logo.

As I recall, the TTHPB members were presented with 23(!) different logo suggestions and were allowed to cast multiple votes for their favourites from that selection.
These were submitted as concepts by the members, there was no talent barrier as the final version would be reworked prior to forming part of the squad submission to the Legion Captain of the Guard.

The eventual winner was a logo that had undergone at least five revisions, massaged by the membership into its final glorious form. But just imagine what could’ve been..!

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