Building a Better Jawa – part one

build-a-better-jawaI had already trooped in the costume once without the Ion Blaster, since it lacked the required power pack, but having scavenged a suitable item from the desert sands I was looking to bring the blaster along with me to events.  Since the replica is pretty heavy I therefore somewhat urgently had a requirement for a holster for the gun.

A Google search revealed plenty of requests for dimensions for the holster seen in A New Hope and plenty of people who had built one for themselves (or done long since ceased runs) but no pattern appeared to be publicly available.

Looking at screen grabs and other reference material and measuring my own replica blaster I formed a rough pattern.  Using materials I had to hand I assembled a prototype, refining this design into the template below:

Clicking the above should open the diagram at actual size. If printing, please use A3 as the page size and do not scale to fit

Clicking the above should open the diagram at actual size. If printing, please use A3 as the page size and do not scale to fit..

Having printed off my diagram I used this as template on a suitable sized piece of leather.img_4370img_4371Assuming you want the holster to hang on your right hand side, note the grey shape in the diagram will be the inside of the holster.

(Apologies in advance to anyone reading this next section with any sort of leather working talent or tools..!)
The red crosses on the diagram indicate the eyelets for the leather thonging that runs up the length of front of the holster. To make these I screwed the material onto a spare length of wood then used a wooden needle of appropriate diameter to expand these out to a sufficient size.img_4373

I repeated the same process for the blue crosses on the diagram which are the positions for the rivets…
img_4374 img_4375 Due to the weight of the hand grip end of the blaster it makes it rather top-heavy when slung and the leather I used was sufficiently flexible that it could easily tip over causing the gun to fall out. The references suggest that base of the holster is closed by a circle of leather rather than be open “cowboy holster”-style however I decided to use a circle of wood (left over from the TARDIS console build) to try to mitigate this with some more weight to the holster.
img_4390 img_4389 This gives something for the circumference of the holster to be screwed into…img_4377The double row of blue rivet crosses at the top of the holster provide fixing points for the holster to attach to the “Y”-shaped material (more on that next time) which will act as an anchor for the shoulder strap.img_4379img_4381

(Those “rivets” incidentally are just paper fasteners…  I told anyone with leather working skills to look away in advance.)

Having worked out the kinks I repeated the process with some thinner pleather, making the pattern double-sided this time to hide the lining on the reverse:img_4387

After a rub and buff with some black liquid shoe polish to weather we end up with this…

…and complete with Ion Blaster…


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